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Hi everybody! 😺

We are Nelly and Gilbert.

Let’s start with some facts about Nelly.☺️

I’m Nelly and the whole ting started with me. I was born October the 10th 2015. My humans bought a new apartment and felt that something was missing. Therefore they got me! They found me while surfing at the Internet and came to visit me. It was love at first sight and I quickly became a part of their family and moved with them to Copenhagen in January 2016.  I was very shy at the beginning but, quickly, I felt calm and safe with the presence of my humans. I was still shy when new humans were visiting and hided under the bed when hearing a strange and new sound. My humans thought it would be good for me with some company, and therefore they began to look around for a new cat that hopefully could help me become more outgoing.  My humans read a lot about races and decided that the company of a Bengal cat would be good for me.  ☺️

The Bengal cat Nelly is talking about is me! I’m Gilbert and I was born December the 4th 2016. My humans found me at the Internet too, and fell in love with me immediately because I’m so irresistible. When they came to take me with them home I was really sick and got hospitalized. Blood tests showed an infection so they gave me antibiotic. My energy level is higher than other cat races so if Nelly doesn’t start a party at the apartment in Copenhagen I sure can and will. Sometimes I think she’s annoyed by my energy level, because I won’t let her sleep. I want to play with her, but she wants to wash her beautiful fur and relax. BORIIING! I thought I was perfectly fine and healthy, but before my castration the doctor discovered that I have an incurable heart disease. I therefore won’t live as long as I could, but I have decided to enjoy the time I have left. The doctor gave me up to 10 years, but we will see - I won’t give up without a fight! I continue fooling around bothering Nelly and enjoying myself. Unfortunately she’s still a bit shy, but I’m doing what I can to help her become less shy! I’m everything else but shy!

Now you’ve heard a bit like our lives. We fight and love each other like real siblings. If you have any questions about our life or anything else, you are welcome to write to us. 😺

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